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Quality Control

We have a complete set of professional quality inspection process

Including packaging=Including packaging inspection, weldability test, function test and programming

Quality Check Procedure

Check the outer box to see if the package and label are complete. Check whether the manufacturer, material code,production date, quantity, ROHS environmental protection standard, etc. are consistent with the description of the customer's order

Appearance Testing

Component appearance inspection -- determine whether the components meet the physical characteristics standards of components from the aspects of component packaging form, packaging material, IC pin, surface marking, component size,etc., so as to measure whether the IC is qualified

Solderability Testing

he solderability of electronic components is identified by detecting whether the pins of electronic components are oxidized

The general detection standard is: the coverage rate of tin on IC pin is greater than 97%, which is acceptable, otherwise it is unacceptable

Function Testing

Through the official datasheet data document, design the test scheme, develop the test version, build the test platform,write the test program, and test the functions of the IC

Through professional and accurate chip function test, we can identify whether the IC function meets the standard

At present, the types of IC that can be tested include: logic device, simulator, high frequency IC, power IC, various amplifiers, power management IC, etc

The packaging forms include dip, SOP, SSOP, BGA, TO-220, QFN, QFP, etc

Programming Testing

We use programming equipment that can support the detection of 47000 IC models produced by 208 IC manufacturers. Provide detection of EPROM, parallel and Serial EEPROM, FPGA, configuration serial prom, flash memory, bprom,novram, SpLD, CPLD, EPLD, microcontroller, MCU and standard logic devices

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